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How to set up your iPhone

Before you start setting up your new phone, make sure you backup your previous iOS device so you can transfer all of the content to your new device. 1. Turn on your device. Press and hold the device's power button until you see the Apple logo. You'll

How to set up a new Android phone

Your data can be moved from your old Android device to a new one, or if you would like to start a new account it's possible to do so as well. We recommend following these steps:. Make sure that both of the phones are charged. Check if you can unlock

How to backup an iPhone

There are a few ways to backup your iPhone Data. You can back up your iPhone using iCloud or your computer. Go to Settings -> click on your name -> choose iCloud -> click on iCloud Backup. Switch on ‘iCloud Backup’. iCloud will automatically back up

How to backup or restore your data on Android

You can backup all of your data, content and settings from your Android phone to your Google Account. Restoring data depends on the phone and version of the Android. Both phones need to have the same Android versions, because you can't restore your d

When do you get new stock?

Please note that we receive new stock every week which we we add to our site daily. We buy stock from several suppliers so stock variants and pricing may vary. Looking for a device, but you don't see it listed on our website? Get in touch with our Cu

Do your devices come with good battery life?

All of our ‘Fair’,‘Great’ and ‘Premium’ devices comes with a minimum battery life of 80% and 90% for all of our ‘Like New’ devices. However, all of our devices undergo a 70 point TechCheck process which ensures that all of your tech goodies are in ti

What do your grading conditions mean?

Please find the full description for each grading condition below. Quality: Like new. Description: In excellent mint condition. Casing: No signs of wear. Screen: Like new. Hardware: Hardware: 100% fully working, tested, checked, and cleaned. All of o