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Selling your phone


How to backup an iPhone

There are a few ways to backup your iPhone Data. You can back up your iPhone using iCloud or your computer. Go to Settings -> click on your name -> choose iCloud -> click on iCloud Backup. Switch on ‘iCloud Backup’. iCloud will automatically back up

How to backup or restore your data on Android

You can backup all of your data, content and settings from your Android phone to your Google Account. Restoring data depends on the phone and version of the Android. Both phones need to have the same Android versions, because you can't restore your d

How to sell you mobile online with reboxed®

Head to Search your device or click the brand to see all the phone models. Select your phone and it’s correct model GB size. Select “get a quote for this device”. Select either online diagnosis, or download the app, in this instance

Sell your mobile using the TechCheck® app

How to sell your mobile using our TechCheck® app. We made the TechCheck® app to take all the guesswork out of grading your device. When selling your mobile online, there's often hidden nasties which usually means you'll end up with a lower price than

Buyback cosmetic conditions and TechScore grading explained

When you sell or recycle a phone to us, you'll get a TechScore which dictates the price of the device. Obviously, you’ll care about the price more than anything, but the TechScore allows us to ensure there’s no mismatch between what you say your devi

Do you accept phones that are locked on a network?

Yes, we accept phones that are locked on a network. Just make sure to let us know what network it’s on when doing a TechCheck. However, it might affect the price that we would be offering to you. If you would like to unlock your phone and get more mo