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Sell your mobile using the TechCheck® appUpdated 2 years ago

How to sell your mobile using our TechCheck® app

We made the TechCheck® app to take all the guesswork out of grading your device. When selling your mobile online, there's often hidden nasties which usually means you'll end up with a lower price than you were quoted. That's what we've set out to solve. Our app assesses all your internal functions to ensure everything is in check.


  1. For Apple users, Head to the app store and download the TechCheck® by reboxed app or click the app button on our website

  2. Install the application on your phone, preferably the phone you're selling but don't worry, you can sell other phones on the app too.

  3. Firstly, enter your mobile number and press next.

  4. You’ll receive a OTP, enter it and you're good to go.

  5. If you’re selling the same device, our app will automatically recognize it, hit the button “get a quote for this device”.

  6. Make sure you have a charger and headphones to handy, you'll need them to test the hardware - next click “im ready”.

  7. Screen calibration - click start to run the screen calibrate test.

  8. Check device rotation, ensure your screen rotation is disabled.

  9. Rotate your device to test the calibration, once complete it will aut move to next step.

  10. Proximity sensor, you'll test the camera and proximity next by pressing “start”.

  11. Wave your hand in front of the selfie camera, this will auto move on to next step once complete.

  12. Hardware checks, press up / down buttons on your volume phone.

  13. Plug in your headphones to check the socket.

  14. Plugin your charger to test the power port.

  15. Next, youll check your cameras, click start.

  16. Take a photo using the back camera.

  17. Then take a pho using the selfie camera this will auto take you to the next test once complete.

  18. Face id / touch id - depending on your device the next test will be face id or fingerprint sensor. Follow the prompt on screen, once completed this will move to the next test.

  19. Connectivity tests - next we will auto scan your GPS, WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity follow the prompt on screen - once completed this will move to the next test.

  20. TechCheck® Result! This is your summary and provisional maximum quote based on your device diagnostics. 

  21. Next up, well ask a few questions about the devices conditions in order to get a final price.

  22. Answer the 5 questions as accurately as possible. Check the examples next to each description of each condition for a guide or click here to see them and their explanations.

  23. Once all questions are answered, select “get my quote”.

  24. You'll be prompted to enter your mobile number in order to retrieve your unique code.

  25. Once entered, you'll see your quote. Our quotes are intended to reduce valence and returns, so the price you'll see will be the price you’ll get paid, unless there are any inaccuracies in your answers.

  26. If your happy, click “deal” and read and accept the ts+cs.

  27. You'll be prompted for a one time passcode, which will be sent to your mobile to verify your order.

  28. Next, enter your devices IMEI number - to get this you can press *#06# on your mobile to get the 15 digit number.

  29. Enter your personal details, name, address and phone number

  30. Verify your postcode, to see what fulfilment modes are available. We offer doorstep collection and on the day payments in some cities

  31. Choose your pickup mode - select from options available

  32. Once you've selected your mode, you'll be prompted to select the necessary next steps to confirm the fulfilment mode. Time Slot booking for collection or drop off, or request a pack for postal.

  33. Summary - here you'll see the order summary, any charges and a chance to enter your friends promo code if you've been referred for your extra £10 ;) Enter any codes and select "Next".

  34. Choose how you want to get paid - bank transfer, paypal, or if you’re feeling super kind donate it to our e-waste charity.

  35. Enter your account details, for paypal, it’s your email address, for bank, well, its your bank details. Then click enter.

  36. BOOM! You’re done. Youtube just joined the fight against e-waste and given your phone another chance at a better life. Don't worry, i'm sure it won't be mad.

  37. You’ll get a confirmation email with all the details and next steps. 

  38. Selling a different device? you can use the app to sell different devices too, just click the button at the bottom of the Home Screen.

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