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How to sell you mobile online with reboxed®Updated 2 years ago

  1. Head to

  2. Search your device or click the brand to see all the phone models

  3. Select your phone and it’s correct model GB size

  4. Select “get a quote for this device”

  5. Select either online diagnosis, or download the app, in this instance, we will select online diagnosis

  6. Answer the 10 questions as accurately as possible. Check the examples next to each description of each condition for a guide 

  7. Once all questions are answered, select “get my quote”

  8. You'll be prompted to enter your mobile number in order to retrieve your unique code

  9. Once entered, you'll see your quote. Our quotes are intended to reduce valence and returns, so the price you'll see will be the price you’ll get paid, unless there are any inaccuracies in your answers

  10. If your happy, click “deal” and read and accept the ts+cs

  11. You'll be prompted for a one time passcode, which will be sent to your mobile to verify your order

  12. Next, enter your devices IMEI number - to get this you can press *#06# on your mobile to get the 15 digit number

  13. Enter your personal details, name, address and phone number

  14. Verify your postcode, to see what fulfilment modes are available. We offer doorstep collection and on the day payments in some cities

  15. Choose your pickup mode - select from options available

  16. Once you've selected your mode, you'll be prompted to select the necessary next steps to confirm the fulfilment mode. Time Slot booking for collection or drop off, or request a pack for postal.

  17. Summary - here you'll see the order summary, any charges and a chance to enter your friends promo code if you've been referred for your extra £10 ;) Enter any codes and select Next

  18. Choose how you want to get paid - bank transfer, paypal, or if you’re feeling super kind donate it to our e-waste charity

  19. Enter your account details, for paypal, it’s your email address, for bank, well, its your bank details. Then click enter

  20. BOOM! You’re done. Youtube just joined the fight against e-waste and given your phone another chance at a better life. Don't worry, i'm sure it won't be mad.

  21. You’ll get a confirmation email with all the details and next steps. 

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