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Buyback cosmetic conditions and TechScore grading explainedUpdated 2 years ago

When you sell or recycle a phone to us, you'll get a TechScore which dictates the price of the device. Obviously, you’ll care about the price more than anything, but the TechScore allows us to ensure there’s no mismatch between what you say your device is, and what our algorithm says.

With our cosmetic descriptions, we are being as descriptive as possible. Naturally, we can't fit all the words on little buttons. So we're not trying to teach anything new but it’s amazing how often people get it twisted so here’s a video to break it down.

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No Visible Scratches

Some Visible Scratches

Heavy Scratches


Smashed or bent

TechScore Grading 

We have a specific TechCheck grading criteria and system to allow us to value a device below is a breakdown of the gradings and score we use to measure the cosmetic condition and value of a device.  We reserve the right to amend the offer or cancel the offer should the device not be described accurately as below which covers the function condition of the device. 

5.0 Premium - These devices are perfect and indistinguishable from brand new devices.

4.5 Excellent - These devices look almost like new with only a few light signs of use. Any wear is invisible at arm’s length. Some micro-scratches, and small blemishes are ok.

4.0 Great - These devices have moderate scratches and signs of wear, but no chips, dents, or cracks. This can include small scratches, scuffs, discolouration, and more prominent micro-scratches/swirling. The camera glass/lens must not be damaged.

3.5 Good - These devices present with heavy signs of use, wear and tear. This can include small dents, heavy scratching, scuffing, and discolouration. This does not include any dents, cracks, chips, or chassis damage. The camera glass/lens must not be damaged.

3.0 Value - These devices present heavy wear and tear and may also have more noticeable damage to the battery, charging port, and chassis. These devices can present with small cracks, chips, and dents, as long as the phone is still fully functional with no damage to the LCD/Digitiser. The camera glass/lens must not be damaged.

2.5 Poor - These devices are damaged to the point where they must be refurbished to continue being used - this might mean there are large cracks on the screen, damage to the LCD, significant wear to the battery, and other issues that can easily be fixed by parts replacements.

2.0 DNF - These are devices which are good for scrap value at the most, i.e. bent in half, recovered from the seabed, holes drilled in it, microwaved. Any Chassis Damage (Bending, cracking) or damage to the camera glass/lens is considered to be a 2.0.

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