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Buying a phone


Can I pay in instalments?

Yes you can. With Klarna, you can buy what you want now and pay it back over time. Select the Klarna option and enter your debit or credit card information. No interest or fees. To check your eligibility, Klarna will perform a soft search with a cred

Do you offer a guarantee?

Absolutely. All our phones come with a 12 month guarantee – you get 6 months automatically, then 6 more months free when you register. Click here to register your phone now. Or check out the full terms and conditions here.

How to set up your iPhone

Before you start setting up your new phone, make sure you backup your previous iOS device so you can transfer all of the content to your new device. Turn on your new device -> press and hold the device's power button until you see the Apple logo appe

How to set up a new Android phone

Your data can be moved from your old Android device to a new one or if you would like to start a new account, it is possible to do so as well. Make sure that both of the phones are charged. Check if you can unlock your old phone with PIN, pattern or